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Cut‑It‑Out Communications is a Chameleon

We adapt to the changing electronic landscape to find the most persuasive, principled promotion for your organization.

We provide niche services to elite companies, tasteful and sophisticated options to let your prospects find you in the best application of inbound marketing. In today’s media landscape, your buyers are deluged with spam, and only the most creative and targeted promotions will elicit a response.

Cut-It-Out Communications uses search engine optimization as an umbrella encompassing all the main elements of online public relations including corporate blogs, press releases, social media, website development and email newsletters.

We are constantly exploring new techniques, often testing them internally to determine their strengths and weaknesses before incorporating them into our portfolio of services. You know we provide only the best because we will not ask you to adopt any technique unless we have successfully tried and tested it in our own promotional efforts.

Cut-It-Out is different, however, in its insistence in upholding our standards in our promotional efforts. For example, we only engage in white-hat SEO. And we’ve been rewarded in that approach because search engine algorithms are continually becoming more accurate, and attempts to circumvent them inevitably end up in disaster.

That’s why our goal is the same as Google’s. To create valuable, original content for website visitors and engender a natural linking structure for that overarching reason.

In today’s volatile economy, the only certain thing is the inevitability of change. Bob Dylan got it right when he wrote “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” and Cut-It-Out Communications will make that change work for you in a nimble and effective way.

Westchester Professional Copywriting

Westchester Professional Copywriting

We focus our public relations and online visibility in this County because we want to make it a better place to live. If your product or services can help people or make life easier for our residents, we want to promote it.

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Cut-It-Out ranks #1 on Google for “Westchester County Public Relations.” Our President is certified in advanced search engine marketing and local search.

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Media Relations

Media Relationships

With decades of experience, Cut-It-Out has cultivated more media relationships to get your story published widely in both traditional and online publications.

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