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Westchester Public Relations

Westchester public relations firms cater to a discerning business market, and Cut-It-Out Communications has the credentials to satisfy the most demanding executive. From our monthly public relations column in the Westchester County Business Journal, to our #1 organic ranking, we have earned the respect of our peers and clients alike.

Call 914-723-7212 or email to learn more about our online public relations program based on advanced search engine marketing by a certified SEO professional.

Cut-It-Out Communications was founded in 2003 and specializes in the incorporation of online activities into traditional public relations campaigns.

These activities include the set-up, writing and editing of corporate blogs and e-newsletters; the creation, writing, online distribution and pitching of press releases; and the establishment and maintenance of an inbound linking campaign to improve your search engine ranking.

Consistently rated #1 for competitive keywords such as "Westchester County public relations," Cut-It-Out has proven its capabilities unlike so many other firms who just talk a good game when it comes to social media and SEO.

We practice what we preach, and the best evidence of that are the results we achieve when marketing for our own company.

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Company Blog

Our company blog analyzes the lead story in The New York Times each morning.

We create similar corporate blogs for our clients, hosted on their website to maximize the SEO advantages.

Maintaining a blog is one of the best things you can do for your site's ranking, one reason why blogs have been branded as Better Listings on Google.

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Westchester Politics

Prior to founding Cut-It-Out Communications, our President, Willy Gissen, served for more than four years as a staff official at the Westchester County Democratic Committee. The office served as a hub for state and County legislators as well as mayors, supervisors and other Democrats at the local level.

As a Westchester public relations firm, our background in local politics and relationships with key players in the County Democratic Party provides an entree not available to most other public relations agencies. It has provided our company with key contacts in the region and increased our ability to get publicity for your organization.

We are also aware of a variety of political techniques and are keenly sensitive to their effect on your image. Our President, with a degree in Government from Harvard College, and the professional background described above, has also helped clients with e-books on topics such as crisis communications and continues to consult with local leaders on political strategy.

See our political page for more details.

Recommended Reading

The E-Myth Revisited
by Michael Gerber
Eat That Frog
by Brian Tracy
The Go-Giver
by Bob Burg and John David Mann
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Secret Arts of Closing the Deal
by Zig Ziglar
The Tipping Point
by Malcom Gladwell
Bounce: Mozart, Federer, Beckham and the Science of Success
by Matthew Syed
The Shark and the Goldfish
by Jon Gordon
Imagine: How Creativity Works
by Jonah Lehrer
That Used to be Us
by Tom Friedman
Steve Jobs
by Walter Isaacson

On May 29, 2013, our President, Willy Gissen, appeared on the Greenburgh Report, a radio show on WVOX-AM, to discuss small business opportunities with Greenburgh Supervisor, Paul Feiner.

He focused primarily on online visibility, recommended books such as The Go-Giver and Eat That Frog and listed Westchester organizations providing help for entrepreneurs with growing businesses.

To listen to the full interview, please click the box below.

public relations Westchester

(Please go to our media room to see other TV and radio interviews, or visit our YouTube channel for instructional videos.)

Cut-It-Out Customers

Cut-It-Out Communications is now offering mobile websites for select Westchester businesses. Call 914-723-7212 for more information. Search this URL on your smartphone to see our mobile site with its app-like formatting for visitor convenience. For organizations with long-term vision, mobile is the way to go!

International Client Experience

Cut-It-Out serves diverse clients in Westchester, the New York Metro region and Europe, primarily in B2B, high-tech, politics and education.


Online Activities

Cut-It-Out ranks #1 on Google for "Westchester County public relations." Our President is certified in advanced search engine marketing and local search.


Media Relationships

With decades of experience, Cut-It-Out has cultivated more media relationships to get your story published widely in both traditional and online publications.


Professional Copywriting

We recently completed a year-long column for the Westchester County Business Journal, engaged in grantwriting for the Clinton Global Initiative and edited an anthology for a local celebrity.

Westchester County Public Relations:
Increase Your Visibility

About Cut-It-Out

At Cut-It-Out Communications, we hold the #1 Google ranking for the keyword "Westchester County Public Relations," an achievement we have maintained since 2008 in a highly competitive field. Keeping this ranking involves staying up-to-date with the latest online developments, learning we diligently pursue and share with our clients. At Cut-It-Out Communications, our philosophy involves empowering our clients so they can continue an effective promotional campaign after our assignment is complete.

Moreover, our initial background in traditional public relations means we know how to write and pitch editors to create an integrated communications campaign. Reaching as wide an audience as possible while simultaneously maintaining a focus on your prospects often encompasses printed bylined articles in your industry's trade magazines or in a Westchester County business journal.

Our President, Willy Gissen, published a monthly column on public relations and marketing in the Westchester/Fairfield County Business Journal. He has also been interviewed on WVOX-AM, and published in Westchester Commerce, HV Biz and The Journal News. He is certified in advanced search engine marketing and local search.

Advanced SEO


Everyone knows about the effect of inbound links on search engine rankings. We delve into more recent developments as well. One of these involves video optimization as YouTube has become a focus of website authority. By using screen capture software such as Camtasia, you can easily create instructional videos without the intrusion of a web camera. We will show you how to improve the power of your video links, both by embedding videos on web pages and posting them on YouTube. Since YouTube was purchased by Google, it could become even more important in determining search engine rankings in the future.

Another advanced field in search engine optimization involves the creation of rich snippets through languages such as Rich snippets help search engines to interpret your site, and they can also be used to ensure your photo appears on the search engine results pages, increasing your click-through rate and affecting your ranking in the future.

And social media, once a totally distinct online phenomenon, is now being factored into search engine ranking decisions, so if you've been negligent in this area, it's time to ramp up here as well. We encourage the use of platforms such as Hootsuite so you can schedule posts to the major social media sites in an efficient manner.

Of course, each client has achieved a unique level of development in SEO and social media. So we will start by providing a free diagnosis of your online visibility and website authority, looking at factors such as the text-to-coding ratio, the density of your keywords and the proper use of meta tags. We will also determine if you are using geotagging, Dublin Core and other less frequently used elements to give you an edge over your competitors. And we will empower you by showing how to use SEO toolbars to evaluate any site where you navigate.

Inbound Versus Outbound Marketing


Long-standing promotional techniques may be counterproductive when applied to the online arena, and this concept can be best understood by explaining the difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing, the traditional form of promotion, can be compared to standing on a street corner with a bullhorn. You are sending out information through press releases, direct mail, etc.

The problem with applying this strategy online occurs because outbound marketing can be viewed as spam and may even be counterproductive. When online, you want your prospects to find you. Achieving this goal can be accomplished through inbound marketing using techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO).

Moreover, you want to attract prospects after they have completed their initial research, when they are actually ready to buy. The keywords used at this stage could differ from the keywords used with only an elemental understanding of your product.

A Vision for Westchester

map of Westchester

Westchester is a special place, and your website needs to be properly targeted to take advantage of our informed citizenry. Our President has lived in Westchester his entire life and instinctively knows the region and its people.

We also focus our public relations and online visibility on Westchester County because we want to make the County a better place to live. If your product can help people or make life easier for our residents, we want to promote it.

Sometimes though, promoting and increasing visibility in Westchester County involves more than public relations for profit-making enterprises. That's why we incorporated our experience in politics and grantwriting into our business model. These fields were chosen because they provided a way to give back to the community through a natural extension of our President's copywriting skills. Visit our web pages on politics and grantwriting for more details about what Cut-It-Out offers in these fields.

Cut-It-Out Communications is also a proud member of the Business Council of Westchester, the largest professional organization in the County. Our President appeared on Marsha Gordon's radio show, "Westchester Means Business," on WVOX-AM (see radio interviews).

Public Relations and SEO


With training as a traditional public relations firm, Cut-It-Out Communications has adapted based on client demand to cover several cross-disciplinary fields, especially search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a natural fit for an online public relations firm because it relies on the creation of valuable and original content. Whether the content involves contributions to a blog, the distribution of online press releases or the creation of YouTube videos, Google is always looking for and rewarding fresh materials with higher search engine rankings. Cut-It-Out Communications has also explored other more technical methods to improve search engine rankings as Google is estimated to use more than 200 signals to determine the listing order in its search engine results pages (SERPs).

NB: Cut-It-Out Communications only uses white-hat SEO techniques. You will not need to worry about penalties from changes in the Google algorithm as we provide valuable and original vendor-neutral content, always a key goal for Google.

Focus on Business Development


Every client is unique and at a different level of development. Some need more fundamental written collateral such as a tri-fold brochure while others have already applied a variety of marketing techniques and just require a more integrated approach. Cut-It-Out Communications can conduct a free consultation to analyze your company's needs and will suggest a preliminary timeline for the first month in tandem with our proposal.

A company is only as strong as its weakest link, and our public relations experience in a number of different industries helps us to determine what your organization really needs. Moreover, we invariably test new techniques on our own business first to determine their effectiveness. And clients also provide a learning experience as we collaborate and incorporate their promotional techniques both with our own company and other organizations.

Company History


Founded more than a decade ago, our company was originally incorporated as Cut-It-Out Editing. And writing still remains fundamental to everything we do. We continue to offer and provide copywriting services for a wide variety of purposes. For example, we served as a key editor for the recent book by a Westchester radio celebrity, Bill O'Shaughnessy of WVOX-AM, and wrote a grant presented at the Clinton Global Initiative.

However, we soon found our public relations skills to be more and more in demand by a wide variety of prospects. And our company focused exclusively on this field for several years.

The next inflection point came shortly after the launch of our current website. The online revolution affected PR as much or more than any other field, primarily because of the confluence of the need for original written content. As we drafted web pages and expanded our new site, we could see its effect on our search engine ranking and quickly realized we could professionally provide these services for other organizations as well.

We started out by drafting online press releases and corporate blogs for our clients but quickly improved our capabilities to the more technical aspects of SEO as well. Our transition to the online world was complete.

Navigating Our Website


This site is chock full of information for prospective clients and casual visitors alike. But since the amount of content can quickly become overwhelming, we have provided this section to assist your navigation.

For those searching for vendor-neutral background information on public relations and business development, our media room is the place to start. Instructional articles and explanatory videos are clearly listed on the left-side navigation bar. This vendor-neutral content is suitable for nearly any organization interested in exploring online opportunities.

Company capabilities are listed in the second row of the top navigation bar with pages on public relations, politics, interactive and grantwriting. A full biography of our President is available via the "About" page, and a company portfolio can be found via the page titled, "Our Work."

Great care has been taken to provide useful and accurate information on this site as we continually strive to empower our clients and visitors alike. When we work together, we do exactly that, and you will understand our processes and their impact on your bottom line. graphic element