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President Obama’s Oath

January 21st, 2013

The lead article in today’s New York Times, “Obama Takes Oath, Beginning Second Term,” describes a new burst of hope for our nation, a chance for Democrats and Republicans to reconcile after four years of confrontation.

The oath occurred prior to the ceremonial swearing in at today’s inauguration ceremonies because the Constitution requires the new term to begin on January 20th, a Sunday this year, and festivities, by tradition, are not held on Sundays.

But the whole process takes on a transcendental importance when one considers how things would have been different if we were celebrating a Romney victory. National healthcare would be out the window; a more bellicose attitude towards Iran would take precedence; and a variety of entitlement programs would face transformation rather than increased efficiency.

Still, the inauguration of the President should be an opportunity for all Americans to forget their differences, and that will officially happen today as we celebrate Inauguration on the mall, a parade and Presidential balls this evening. It is a day for all American citizens from the Tea Party to the most extreme liberals.

Perhaps, the oath on Sunday gave the President an opportunity of much deserved private celebration. And it definitely took on that flavor when one of the President’s daughters congratulated him on not flubbing the wording as happened four years ago when Chief Justice Roberts misread the oath.


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