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Murder of Innocent Children

December 17th, 2014



Nothing strikes the heart more than the murder of innocent children, and when more than 100 of them are ruthlessly killed, it boggles the imagination. From our comfortable perches of Western luxury and security, especially in the United States, the death of one would make the crime news.

…the effects of yesterday’s slaughter are greater than any act of nature…

That’s why the recent events in Pakistan, where members of the Pakistani Taliban have retaliated against the government by literally decimating an entire school, need more than the traditional condemnation from official announcements around the world. We have a need to DO SOMETHING to ameliorate the tragedy.

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A Structured Online Public Relations Program

December 16th, 2014



A structured online public relations program adds one element at a time to a company’s publicity efforts and works well when the organization has just launched a new website.

The concept of e- newsletters is just to appear in the recipients’ email box to remind them you’re still in business and available.

The first element involves a weekly blog entry. Short pieces work the best, 200-to-300 words, and they work well in getting the client committed to the effort. Moreover, blogs hosted on a company’s website provide one of the most effective methods possible to increase the site’s authority and improve the results on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

The next element, a monthly press release directly helps clients to increase their visibility, especially after distribution on PRWeb or PR Newswire. Topics can range from new hires to a new website launch or perhaps just the company’s focus moving forward.

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C.I.A. Story Lingering

December 15th, 2014



In politics, news stories are classified by the number of days they remain current and generate coverage. There’s a one-day story, two-day story, etc. Some stories, however, become part of our nation’s narrative, and they continue to bubble up in the news with different perspectives and angles. The Ferguson and Eric Garner stories can be classified in this way. So can the President’s healthcare plan. And now, after a stunning report from the Senate Intelligence Committee, our legacy of torture seems to have reached this lofty status.

The revelation about more than 20 individuals wrongly detained but subjected to torture nevertheless represents another shocking revelation …

As newspaper reporters continue to pore over the heavily redacted executive summary, they are finding hidden nuggets of newsworthy material and are sharing them with their readers.

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Spending Bill Compromise?

December 13th, 2014



The center held in the House of Representatives to pass a $1.1 trillion spending bill supported by President Obama, John Boehner and Harry Reid. While the leadership of all three branches of government was on board, they had some problems corralling the troops. And the victory came despite a ferocious push by Elizabeth Warren to delete a provision favoring large banks and repealing one provision of Dodd Frank.

I was particularly pleased to see Mr. Boehner finally ignore the Hastert rule, that stultifying philosophy that legislation could only be brought to the floor if it had a majority of Republican votes.

These developments demonstrated the chaos that can ensue when the purist wings of either party are able to gain control. The compromise agreed to by President Obama contained funds to support Obamacare and many other causes dear to the hearts of Democrats and liberals. But the extreme conservatives opposed the measure for its failure to address the President’s action on immigration reform while liberals wanted to continue restrictions on derivatives trading and bailing out large banks.

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Long-Form Content

December 12th, 2014



As Google cracks down on SEO techniques such as article marketing and online press releases, one innovation remains inviolate and is ensured to do so for the foreseeable future: long-form content.

Google has always emphasized the importance of original material in its search engine algorithm, and long-form content provides exactly that.

Google has always emphasized the importance of original material in its search engine algorithm, and long-form content provides exactly that. Unlike much shorter documents on the web such as corporate blogs, content provision articles and web pages, long-form content ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 words long. It contain authoritative links to related sources as well as a healthy number of images to make the final document attractive.

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Societal Change and Bob Dylan

December 11th, 2014



The role of music in societal change cannot be denied. The messages of folk music, for example, were instrumental in providing sustenance to the civil rights movement. The songs “Blowing in the Wind” and “We Shall Overcome” are two of the most famous examples.

The song concludes, “Till I find to my wonder, every path leads to Thee, All that I can do is pray, Stay with Me, Stay with Me.”

Bob Dylan, the author of the former, recently concluded his 2014 tour with five nights at The Beacon Theater in New York, and it is worthwhile considering his message as our nation becomes convulsed again by protests in the light of the Brown and Garner incidents.

Dylan, who rocked the music world in more ways than one since he became a born-again Christian in 1979, has been accused of leaving the faith repeatedly by those who do not attend his concerts.

But the select know, without a doubt, that this accusation is patently wrong as he continues to play religious songs to his fans in concert.

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C.I.A. Perfidy

December 10th, 2014

top secret folder


The C.I.A., whose tradecraft involves denial, manipulation and black ops, faces a crisis of confidence after the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee report detailing its use of enhanced interrogation techniques after 9/11.

… Diane Feinstein, who is pro-intelligence and lambasted Edward Snowden for his revelations, cannot be dismissed as just another Democrat releasing a partisan report.

The willingness to say anything to make the torture stop makes intuitive sense and bolsters the report released yesterday. Moreover, Diane Feinstein, who is pro-intelligence and lambasted Edward Snowden for his revelations, cannot be dismissed as just another Democrat releasing a partisan report.

The declassification of the 500-page executive summary of a 6,000 page report informs the American people of what actions were taken in their defense by an intelligence community paralyzed by fear of another attack.

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Improving Twitter Engagement

December 9th, 2014



Improving engagement on social media involves increasing your interactions with other people instead of just amassing large numbers of followers, connections, friends, etc. Each platform provides its own features to enable these interactions, and one of the most social is Twitter.

Responding to all the items and accounts in your Twitter notifications section will ensure an active Twitter presence and rising Klout scores in the future.

Twitter offers a notifications section to facilitate the engagement process, and these notifications should be reviewed on a regular basis. The latest notifications will include new followers, and you should be careful to follow them back.

Reciprocation such as this provides the key to an active Twitter presence, and there are other protocols you should observe as well. For example, if someone retweets one of your posts, you should interact with their content and find something to retweet from them.

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The Grand Jury Process

December 8th, 2014



After the recent decisions in Ferguson and New York City, the grand jury process seems antithetical to most Americans, a secretive procedure without public accountability.

When an injustice occurs in our courts, we all suffer. Our system of jurisprudence loses some of its authority, and we begin to question its inherent fairness and enforcement of the rules we must all comply with in order to survive as a nation.

Grand juries are easily manipulated by the prosecutors who call them, and what they see is tightly controlled to favor the decision desired by the prosecutor. In general, that decision involves seeking an indictment, but when a police officer is charged with a crime, another outcome is sought.

Since prosecutors must work closely with police departments, an inherent bias exists to give accused officers the benefit of the doubt, and only the distribution of a video let the public in on that bias in the Eric Garner case.

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The Power of Google Analytics

December 6th, 2014

gym weight


The ability to measure and categorize website traffic gives the online PR agency a powerful tool unavailable in traditional PR. Once upon a time, public relations agencies relied on the number of clippings or column inches to quantify their results for various clients.

By tracking the number of unique visitors to your client’s site, you can provide an overall measurement of the effectiveness of your inbound marketing.

Now, the movement of public relations into the online arena has provided a powerful tool for benchmarking and measuring client results. Google Analytics, available for free, will let you know both the amount of traffic attracted by your website as well as what it does when it gets there, otherwise known as engagement.

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