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How-To Videos

Videos Showing Online Capabilities

Using screen capture software for instructional videos
(February 1, 2014)

How to hide and unhide columns in an Excel spreadsheet
(December 28, 2013)

How to add box with blog headlines to your company's website
(December 21, 2013)

How to use landing pages in your website structure
(December 7, 2013)

How to delete people from your Google Plus circles who do not reciprocate
(November 30, 2013)

How to sharpen images when using Paint.net
(November 23, 2013)

How to improve site performance through image compression
(November 16, 2013)

How to measure site performance
(November 9, 2013)

How to back up a Wordpress database using Go Daddy
(November 2, 2013)

How to create a Constant Contact newsletter archive on your company site
(October 21, 2013)

How to change your blog template: header and navigation bar
(October 14, 2013)

How to manipulate web pages
(September 28, 2013)

How to Use Features from Other Websites
(August 28, 2013)

Introduction to Using Formulas in Microsoft Excel
(August 21, 2013)

How to Create a Screenshot
(August 14, 2013)

How to Analyze Your Website with SEO toolbars
(August 6, 2013)

How to Determine Your True Website Ranking Without Personalization
(July 29, 2013)

How to Edit Text with Mark-Up
(July 17, 2013)

How to Change the Resolution on Your Computer Desktop
(July 9, 2013)

How to Easily Install a Blog on Your Company Website
(June 24, 2013)

How and why to convert Word files to Pdf files
(June 17, 2013)

How to format hyperlinks in Outlook 2010
(June 10, 2013)

How to access and interpret Google Analytics
(June 4, 2013)

How to include your photo in the search engine results pages
(May 23, 2013)

The best way to protect your computer
(April 27, 2013)

How to place a live Twitter feed on your website
(April 20, 2013)

Learn how to code in html in under 10 minutes
(April 15, 2013)

How to add Google Analytics to your company website
(April 4, 2013)

Creating an email newsletter template with Constant Contact
(March 28, 2013)

How to Crop and Re-Size Images Using Paint.net
(March 21, 2013)  

Website editing with Ipswitch and Dreamweaver
(March 16, 2013)  

Online color matching
(March 9, 2013) 


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